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About Us

At The Needed Image we offer high quality photography and web design. We set sail on each project with our sight set on quality, function, and creativity. We offer our clients the opportunity to get everything they need in one place, including web design, photography, custom logo creation, printed materials, and written content.

Why Nautical?

What's with the nautical theme you ask? We believe your best work comes out when you can relate it to something you're passionate about. Julie grew up near the coast and has a strong bond with the sea, while Eli has always been fascinated with whales and has the beard of a gnarled sea captain...it just makes sense.

Eli Warren

A self-described comic book nerd with a camera, Eli is an expert in designing, coding, and photography. Eli works with clients to establish a clear vision for every project, and dedicates himself to bringing that vision to reality. His specialties include lighting, shooting, photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Html, CSS, and jQuery.

*Comic Nerd

*Animal Lover

*Scared of the Ocean (I know, right?!)

Julie Warren

With a Bachelor's degree in English, it is Julie's attention to detail and the written word that makes it possible for us to offer clients more than the average company. On top of content writing and proofreading, Julie also manages daily operations and social media content. However, if you don't find her writing then you're bound to find her creating new recipes in the kitchen or playing with her two cats.

*Loves to bake

*Has two cats

*The Typo's Greatest Emeny Enemy

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with many individuals and businesses in Greenville and around the country since our company's inception. Some of the most recent companies include:

Agfa Healthcare
Allegro Industries
Arabella Paper
Attorney Zaki Ali
Berthing Cleaner Productions
Blue Cirrus Consulting
Bo Stegall The Salon
Capitol Consulting Group
City Story Greenville
Creative Pointe Designs
The Crosby Group
Faces of Freedom
Faith Memorial Chapel
Golden Artist Colors
Green Eyed Girls Boutique
K.Harris Jewelry
King Snake Press
Knob-elties by Leigh Wood
Lindsey Plantation
Litigation 360
McRose Designs Jewelry
Novus Investors
Patterson & Associates
Premier Consulting Greenville
Sassy Classy Monogram
Soma Skincare
Speak for Animals
Strategic Marketing
Sumner Law Firm
Vestiti Women's Clothing
Walnut Creek Preserve
Yada Factor

Published Work:

We are always very proud to see our photos used in publications such as billboards and magazines. The following are some of the places we've been showing up lately:

+THERE Magazine +American Craft +Town Magazine +Town Magazine +Talk Magazine +Rethinking Acrylic +Inside Acrylics +City Story +At Home +Destination Downtown +Speak for Animals +Bayou City Arts +Town Magazine

The Needed Image
Greenville South Carolina

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"No one likes an ugly boat, however cheap or fast."

-Roger Duncan